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Forem Design Studio is a multidisciplinary industrial design studio offering its services worldwide. We utilise our skills in helping people achieve their business aspirations. Whether that be in a product startup, developing new products in an established company or revamping an existing product range. Designing products across the industries of High-tech, electronics, telecommunications, military, startups, medical, fashion and consumer goods. Basically, turning ideas into reality. New challenges are always welcome at Forem Design Studio.

We don’t simply solve problems, we nurture ideas into fruition. Our structured and multidisciplinary process is formulated to put our customers ahead of the game. Combining our extensive experience and your idea, we materialise marketable and functional products. We lead you through the process of industrial design, mechanical design, engineering and prototyping to a final mass manufactured product. We pride ourselves on our ability to work alongside our customers, our partners in this unique journey.

Every product needs its own tailored design process, our process although consistent, is not generic. An important initial stage to any project is to perform thorough research of the existing product market, design aesthetics, relevant materials, UI and more. After a good base has been established we can literally put “pen to paper”. We like to build mock ups, sketch ideas and brainstorm with our clients on possible design solutions and map out a good direction in form and function. At the refinement stages of the project we work to provide a precise design with detailed mechanical planning for manufacturing and high quality visualisation via 3D modelling and rendering.




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The idea

We meet to discuss your product idea and how you envision your product to map out a customised design process.

3D Modeling

Creating a digital model in Solidworks to develop lifelike renders of the concept and prepare for manufacturing.


Specific research aimed at the existing product market, design aesthetics, relevant materials & manufacturing process.


Using our knowledge of materials, joinery, and manufacturing to develop a real product that can be made and used!


Product research analysis and realisation of the relevant questions & considerations for the product.


Making & developing a quality prototype to represent the final product.


Communication of potential concepts through the use of hand sketches and preliminary 3D modelling.


Absorbing feedback from the prototyping stage and preparing the final product details needed for manufacturing.


Relaying concepts with our customers to ensure expectations are being met and the correct design path is being followed.


Seeing your product through to its final stage of manufacturing.
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