Who We Are

"Good design is obvious is transparent"

 -Joe Sparano-

Forem Design Studio is a multidisciplinary industrial design studio offering servicing worldwide. With a decade of experience in the Industry we have mastered the Industrial design process. At the core of our product design studio is a desire to utilise our skills for helping people achieve their business aspirations. Whether that be assisting in a product startup, developing new products in an established company or revamping an existing range of products. Basically, we are turning ideas into reality. Designing products across the industries of High-tech, electronics, telecommunications, the military, startups, medical, fashion and consumer goods. New challenges are always welcome at Forem Design Studio.

At Forem Design Studio, we don’t simply solve problems, we nurture ideas into fruition. Our structured and multidisciplinary process is formulated to put our customers ahead of the game. Each product we design is treated as an entirely new “animal”. Combining our extensive experience and your idea, we materialise marketable and functional products. We lead you through the process of industrial design, mechanical design, engineering and prototyping to a final mass manufactured product. At Forem Design Studio we provide a complete solution to every step in the design process. We pride ourselves on our ability to work alongside our customers, our partners in this unique journey.

When we take on a new project it is important for us to understand the mind of our client, their goals and how they envision their product. Every product needs its own tailored design process, our process although consistent, is not generic. We approach every project with a fresh outlook because every project is genuinely different and requires its own unique design approach. An important initial stage to any project is to perform thorough research of the existing product market, design aesthetics, relevant materials, user interface potential and more. This helps to kick-start our project on the right track, and potentially discover and apply different design solutions. After a good base has been established we can literally put “pen to paper”, the old school way. Although invaluable in the industrial design process, In the initial stages 3d modelling can limit the imagination, for this reason we like to build mock ups, sketch ideas and brainstorm with our clients on possible  design solutions and map out a good direction in form and function. When the a project has reached its refinement stages we work to provide a precise design with detailed mechanical planning for manufacturing and high quality visualisation via 3D modelling and rendering. Our design process has been developed over the years to ensure our customers and the end consumer’s ultimate satisfaction with the final product is achieved. 

Skills and Methods of Design:

Extensive experience in product hand sketching

3D Modelling abilities in a variety of programs: Solidworks, Alias, Vectorworks, Autocad & Maya

Materials knowledge in plastics, sheet metal, aluminium, timber, steel, etc

Manufacturingknowledge in injection moulding, rotary moulding, CNC routing & joinery  

Joel Kamer, Director and Head designer

Joel graduated from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, with a degree in Industrial Design. He is a talented and clever designer who brings a fresh spirit, sense of humour, and many design capabilities to the studio. Joel has been working as a product designer in several companies prior to funding Forem Design Studio. Joel specialises in the development of concepts requiring intuitive and abstract thinking. Additionally, his understanding of how to combine his creative and technical capabilities as one fits well with the work process by which FOReM Design Studio operates.

Miss EK, Consultant Engineer
Miss EK brings extensive technical knowledge and mechanical expertise to the studio. Arriving at our studio with a masters degree in Mechanical engineering and a can do attitude, her input value in every project has proved itself time and time again. She works with various clients to provide engineering advice and technical solutions on different products. When needed she picks her best associates to complete a full design complete with the necessary mechanical, electrical, UI and computing engineering applications.  


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