delish fish

delish fish

Plastic strainer perfect for your pasta night. Bring joy to your kitchen.


Every product ever made has come from an idea. Which is the first step in creating a product. Before you are able to take your product into the market, there are a lot of things to consider such as making sure the product is perfectly designed, has achieved full functionality and looks cool aesthetics-wise.


When creating a plastic product design, you should consider feasibility and functionality and make sure the concept is doable. We collaborate with plastic experts at this stage and do 3D prototyping to make sure your plastic product design can be engineered for production. Knowledge from experts would come in handy and you can easily work altogether as long as you clearly inform them of the concept you have in mind. 

product development

At this stage, the plastic product design is ready, has passed functionality standards and all parties have agreed such design is doable in the plastic factory. Production engineering now sets in and we will look for the necessary prototype plastic parts to compose your plastic product. Plastic prototype services are done in a steel tool and the materials must be tapered so they can easily be ejected later on.