mini flame

mini flame

Portable stove. Single gas stove design. Feeling at home away from home.


Portable cooking has been a major concern since the evolution of stove. It usually includes the regular burning material whether in terms of fuels. A basic platform to hold the pans/cooking utensils on heat. This whole apparatus is known as stove. The extensive part of our concept development is the research that goes through our design team.


At Forem Design studio we have team of designers and engineers work shoulder-to-shoulder from the start of the project, and throughout the product development process, verifying manufacturability while maintaining design quality and reducing time to market. We design and engineer almost at the same time, this allows us to keep and improve the design look and feel during the whole process. Keeping the design simple and beautiful from outside, and efficient and organised from inside.

product development

 At Forem Design studio we are partnering with you from conception to final stage.