power pack

power pack

Power pack is a power solution for Pizza heater pad and is one of the advanced accessories in pizza delivery business today. Allow you to eat your pizza hot anywhere you are!


When we started the design process of power pack, we knew that the challenges will be making the device non intrusive, fashionable and as small as possible.


This kind of project requires a very close interaction between aesthetics and electronics. We refined and improved the design taking in consideration all the ergonomic, mechanical and electronic constrains.

product development

We crafted power pack to be the perfect balance between technology and user experience. We created custom battery,  and electronic components to fit into a simple and iconic shape.


This product is simply awesome, Forem design studio made a sleek design that answers exactly on our needs. The outcome of the work was even higher than expected. This product is now for sale in America and Australia.
Ryko valance
CEO, First Pack