Product Design

New products are released every day in the fast pace world of high-tech and startups.

To be ahead of the game, you need a better looking, better functioning product. 

Industrial design is IN MANY WAYS the most pure and basic form of marketing. A product that functions well, feels good, is easy to use and has style is far easier to market than one lacking in those areas. 

An industrial designer at their core is a problem solver. We solve problems in Mechanics, ergonomics, interface, aesthetics, materials, structure, etc, through design. In order to solve these problems it is essential not to follow the same thought process that created them in the first place.

The product evolution at Forem Design Studio begins with your idea. It is our responsibility to accompany you throughout the design journey professionally and efficiently. Utilising a design process fine-tuned with years of experience and tailoring it to suit your specific design needs, we turn your idea into a fully developed product. At Forem Design Studio we translate creative thoughts to paper through hand sketching. Sketching is the most useful tool for organic thought and it is important to utilise this in the initial ideation and conceptualisation of a product. Ultimately a product will need the specific detailing necessary for production and mass manufacturing that only 3d modelling programs can offer. Integrated in this process we apply technical engineering aspects to ensure your product can be fabricated in a cost effective manner without making exceptions on quality.